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Offering over 22 years of Creative Stone Landscape Design and Construction Experience

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Creative Stone offers landscaping and hardscape design and construction services.  Hardscape is a form of landscaping that refers to the use of paved areas like  patios, decks, driveways, paths and sidewalks where the upper-soil-profile is no longer exposed to the actual surface of the Earth. Hardscapes can be embellished with landscaping to create a dramatic entrance to your home, a relaxing garden patio or a elegance walkway. Creative-Stone offers you over two decades of experience is design and constructions and provides quality work with exceptional customer service.

Creative Stone is a owner operated business. My training and qualifications were learned in Germany . Old world traditions of building quality to last are the values I have from those years. In over 20 years of designing I still get inspired to get up and go to work.

When considering your landscaping and hardscaping design project, allow us to assist you with the following concepts and features:

  • Gardens: Are one of the first impressions made on someone when driving up to your house. Often we can make design changes with existing plants that will make all the difference in your landscape.

  • Staircases & Steps: Everyone's biggest concern should be the risers and the treads. All steps must be equal in both areas. When constructed properly they will last forever.

  • Wall Systems: Serve many purposes. We can solve most drainage issues, Create different levels in your landscapes, and win you much needed yard space.

  • Walkways: Are a great way to welcome guests into your home or into the yard areas where you do your entertaining. Walkways from the front yard to the backyard is one of our biggest requests.

  • Patios: Are the place where we do are entertaining and a place where we have some of our best family meals.

  • Fireplaces & Firepits: These are great places to gather with family and friends. Wonderful conversations always seem to take place.

  • Water Features: Are simply a way to relax.

Creative Stone

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